May 26, 2012
The Camera and Voyeurism

Men’s Shoe’s with Camera Hidden in Heel.

Richard Gordon has a collection of photographs he has taken of survelliance cameras in boring, everyday places; In an interview he stated “The minute you pick up a camera, you are a voyeur.”

Camera’s capture an image of what we can see and is a useful tool to a voyeur as there are many ways to use technology to capture whatever visually pleases us.

Does that make everyone who uses a camera a Voyeur?

I would say using a camera is an act of voyeurism but I wouldn’t define a Voyeur as someone who uses a camera. A Voyeur uses a camera as a tool on peoples privacy. That being said we all look at public spaces, and have accepted using technology to look in societies situations involving surveillance and celebrities.

What makes a secret photo or/and non-consenting photo of someone if the subject is not nude or sexual in anyway, voyeuristic? 

It’s the pleasure and excitement the beholder and viewer feels from the image that makes that an act of voyeurism.

What defines a Voyeur?